Elder Goo – Möllit available in FINLAND!

Elder Goo launched in Finland as Möllit on October 8th 2015. Elder Goo – Möllit is published in Finland by the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle and is featured by their biggest children’s brands Pikku Kakkonen and Buu-klubben. The game will be available worldwide on a later date.



Elder Goo is a fun and challenging puzzle-adventure game that you can play either by yourself or with up to four players! Take control of four slimy characters as they are trying to find their lost friend while travelling through mesmerizing worlds and varying levels that each have their unique puzzles and challenges.


  • Four unique characters with different abilities
  • Innovative multi-touch gameplay
  • Local multiplayer co-op for up to four players
  • Over 100 puzzling levels (and more to come!)
  • Suitable for puzzle-adventuring fans of all ages, from kids to grown-ups



Bouncy is energetic and the fastest of the four – she’s so fast she can even zip through spiderwebs! However, her eagerness to jump into the fray often causes trouble. Bouncy’s elasticity makes her bounce off walls and other solid surfaces, which makes her appear a bit reckless. She deeply cares for her friends and enjoys taking them on exciting adventures.


Gooey is small and slimy – he can fit through gaps and spaces that the others cannot. His fluid body also extinguishes flames impassable to the others. Gooey is cunning and greedy by nature and would prefer to work alone. However, he knows that with a little help from the others he can accomplish anything.


Sticky is simple-minded and goofy – and therefore almost completely unaware of the surroundings. Sticky’s somewhat irritating tendency to get stuck on everything comes in handy when you need to clutch into things or clog something.
CAUTION: Extremely flammable.


Sturdy is the biggest of the bunch and he’s a bit shy about it – but when it comes to raw power, Sturdy is your guy. He can push boulders and even break down walls when necessary. He always feels sorry for making a mess, though.