2016 Retrospective

2016 Retrospective

As both of our keen eyed readers may have noticed, our blog skipped a whole year. The year 2016 was a year of changes and growing for our team with so much happening we simply didn’t have time to prioritize our blog writing.

During 2016 our team went through some changes: We hired two new programmers, a visual designer and a Head of Sales to take care of all the dirty stuff.


Our main game Elder Goo had some big updates both functionally and content-wise. We added a total of 60 new levels which doubles the number of puzzles in the game. We have been designing a new world to be released this year and working on the releases for China and the rest of the world. Besides that, Elder Goo made its way to the Finnish Game Museum in Tampere! Pretty cool, huh.

As Elder Goo’s production schedule eased we had more time to do collaborations and costumer projects. Big shout out to our friends at Psyon Games with whom we had the pleasure of developing their two politically charged, science themed games: Trump vs Science and Trump Go, both of which were noticed by media both inside and outside of Finland.

During the year we also had great collaborations with non-gaming companies such as Firstbeat, VVO, ZUPticket and Choicely. In addition to making games, these partners have enabled us to show our skills in app and web development, AR and VR – all with a gamified twist! The projects keep on going and there are many new ones in the works.


We had such fun at all kinds of gatherings, meetings and parties during the year: We demoed one of our prototypes on the stage of Games First ’16. We hung around with friends at IGDA Finland Summer Party and Colossal Order’s Cities: Skylines-party. We travelled to Estonia for Game Dev Days, where we took part at the Game Village Indie Showcase and then later to Iceland for Slush PLAY. We pitched and presented at White Nights, Pocket Gamer Connects, NESU Conference and Slush. We participated on monthly gatherings of EXPA JKL. In December we wore our christmas party hats at XMAS JKL…

What does the future (and more specifically year 2017) hold for Zaibatsu Interactive? So far it’s has gone great. We attended the opening of the Finnish Game Museum, moved to a bigger office and held an in-house game jam for prototyping future titles. We have already started and killed many new game projects, made these new shiny websites and created our very own Instagram account. People still use that, right?

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